Company administration declares that the policy of quality management had been accepted ISO 9001:2008. (PDF):

  1. Constant buyers satisfaction improvement
  2. Constant execution of reliable relations with suppliers
  3. Constant improvement of relations with employees
  4. Constant income increase
  5. Constant services improvement

Accordant with valid Zakonom o humanitarnom razminiranju i Pravilnikom  o načinu obavljanja poslova humanitarnog razminiranja, DOK-ING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o. aims for searching and/or demining business realization with achieving complete work site purity from MES, NUS and their dangerous parts.  Responsible person at the work site (for quality establishment/affirmation) is field manager. Searching and/or demining business won’t be started until the full ambulance insurance(doctor, paramedic, ambulance with full equipment) isn’t provided and until continuous and direct connections, which are field managers responsibility, aren’t established. Accordint to current laws, DOKING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o. is only using equipment for searching and/or demining business approved by HCR CTRO and has valid usability / compliance assessment.  Intern control is organised by pyrotechnist association and for theirs groups work, are resposible directly to the work site manager.


Enviroment protection policy ISO 14001:2004 (PDF)

„Think today for a better tomorrow“

DOK-ING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o employees are aware of the importance of the enviroment protection and preservation.

Healthy and clean enviroment is the condition for our survival today and in the future.

Established and implemented environmental management system ISO 14001:2004, obliges us to:

– respect valid laws

– reduce negative influence on enviroment

– continuant education on the importance of enviroment

– annual assessements of our enviroment aspects

– bring up measurs and programmes for improvement

-inform any interested partners about enviroment protection activities

This policy obliges every employee, including Association management to take place in developement of effective  environmental management system and its further advancement because of preventing enviroment destruction.