Methods and procedures of  mine/BA clearance and EOD

DOK-ING Demining Ltd. has a “toolkit” approach to mine/BA clearance and EOD for humanitarian purposes consisting of four elements: mechanical mine action systems, manual demining, EOD and mine detection dogs action system and the combination of the above.


            DOK-ING Demining Ltd. does delaboration of Unexploded Ordinances (UXOs) and land mines. This is done with proprietary equipment and a highly qualified and experienced work force.


            DOK-ING Demining Ltd. strictly complies to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and Croatian Demining Law, which require appropriate, effective, efficient and safe procedures.


            That is why in most cases DOK-ING Demining Ltd. uses mechanical clearance as the first and manual demining or mine detection dogs as the second demining method. It should be stressed that such mine clearance is faster, cheaper and safer for deminers. 

Before During After
Before During After

DOK-ING Demining Ltd. is proud to state that there has never been a single mine accident / incident in any area cleared using this methodology.