Delaboration of Unexploded Ordinances and land mines
with proprietary equipmentand a highly qualified and experienced work force

About Us

DOK-ING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o.  is a modern, private company whose management is under permanent surveillance of experts trained for performing charity mine warfare jobs. Also, this company is under the surveillance of outer partner controle by ISO 9001:2008 i ISO 14001:2004 standards.  Company administration is, at the all time, familiar with every current tenders, and participates in executing mine warfare busines, as in RH, so in Serbia and BIH. DOK-ING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o. is now aiming to enter other international markets. Mechanical working site preparations and training on the manufacturer machines, DOK-ING RAZMINIRANJE d.o.o., by the investors request, is performing worldwide. In mine warfare businnes, company is using the latest protection equipment and VALLON i SCHONSTEDT metaldetectors for UXO detection.

By the MUP solution RH company is authorized for :

–      Charity mine warfare business

–      Demining at mine warfare business

By the ability assessment of Croatian center for demining, company is capable for perfoming searches and deminings with hand metal detectors and demining machines

By the ability assessment of Centre for demining of RS, company is capable for mine fields demining and cluster munitions cleansing.

It employs 60 employees and uses 10 demining machines:

43 authorized pyrotechnists
4 field manager

5 authorized auxilliary employees

3 light weight machines MV4 type

3 medium weight machines MV10 type

1 heavy weight machines SCANJACK 3500 type

2 auxilliary demining machines  bagger LIEBHERR


By now, company has demined over 48.000.000 m2.


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Selska cesta 90 b, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
phone +385.1.2481334, fax +385.1.2481365